Selectively picked each year this group of dancers work on dance pieces that are taken to competitions in and around Alberta. The amount of commitment and training is extensive. Students are also given the opportunity to train with fabulous choreographers. We hold yearly auditions for this Team. In addition, we have a Recreational Competitive Group "Spirit Team". This dancer is required to be in at least two classes at GDS in addition to their Spirit Class. Spirit dancers work on solos only and attend 1-2 Competitions a year. Please email us with any questions on our Teams.

Spirit Team

Monday 6:30-7:30pm - Must also be enrolled in 2 other classes at GDS

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Generation Dance Studio opened its doors in September 1999. For two decades of instructing Dance in Fort McMurray, we have become one of the most well respected, fun, creative, dance facilities in the Region. We strive on providing the best quality Dance Education. Many of our dancers have moved on to wonderful dance careers. We are proud of what we have offered Fort McMurray. Our staff is hard working, organized, prompt, and share extreme knowledge in the progression of Dance Education. We would love for you to partake in our program. We love everything about Dance and we enjoy seeing our dancers reach heights and attain goals they have worked so hard at. 
“Move To Excellence”