Saturdays 9:30am-10:15am

This dynamic class for 4 & 5 year olds teaches Hip Hop in a fast-paced class with age appropriate music. Dancers will learn different dance techniques and explore their movement. Hippity Hop is an Introduction to all things Hip Hop for your little groover. A great place to begin learning Hip Hop terminology and style! 


Saturdays 10:30am - 11:15am

This is a Tap, Jazz, Ballet Combo class. The program for 4 year olds builds on the work done the previous year. Students at this age now learn to further control their movements. Weight transfers are not only forward and backward but also from side to side. Balances are more sustained. Jumps are now done in basic patterns, traveling steps are often done with partners. Students also learn the concept of counting music.

Classes in the Tiny Tot Program are grouped into age-specific levels. These classes meet once a week and last 30-45 minutes, depending on age. Class structure for all levels is essentially the same, with the content based on appropriate developmental skills for the specific age. Each class begins with a brief sharing of time. Each student will have his or her own “House” (name tag on floor). Class continues with a center warm-up that includes all the major muscle groups and is the basis for barre work taught in ballet classes at a later date. From this, students learn correct posture and the placement of the body over the legs. (this is very important for both dancers and non-dancers!) The exercises in this section also teach balance, Port de bras (arm movement), and include various types of jumps that are building blocks for the allegro (jumping steps) of dance. Following the center warm-up comes stretching. These gentle exercises progress in difficulty as students gain flexibility over the years.

The next section of the class is based on different monthly objectives geared to the age of the students. Concepts such as classroom etiquette, musical awareness, dance relationships to others, relationships to the working space and stage, expressing emotions through movement, and pantomime are explored during the year. The fourth section of the class develops loco motor skills that form the basis for all dance steps that travel. Students are given a series of technical steps, which are to be executed moving across the floor. These steps are repeated throughout the year for the student to gain expertise.
During the later months in the dance year we begin choreography. Each class is given a combination to execute for the Year-End Show. Each class we will review the dance and help the students become familiar with the steps.


Saturdays 12:30pm-1:15pm

Ages 3-5 years - this Program is for the young Acro student learning the fundamentals and beginnings of Acro Dance. Strength and stretch along with repetitive instruction is taught in a safe and fun environment.


1 class - $79.00/month per class

2 classes - $69.00/month per class = $138.00 (2 combination of any 2)

3 classes - $59.00/month per class = $177.00 (all 3)

(plus $80.00 costume fee per class for Year End Show due in November)

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Generation Dance Studio opened its doors in September 1999. For two decades of instructing Dance in Fort McMurray, we have become one of the most well respected, fun, creative, dance facilities in the Region. We strive on providing the best quality Dance Education. We provide a safe place for dancers to feel included and free from discrimination and criticism. Many of our dancers have moved on to wonderful dance careers. We are proud of what we have offered Fort McMurray. Our staff is hard working, organized, prompt, and share extreme knowledge in the progression of Dance Education. We would love for you to partake in our program. We love everything about Dance and we enjoy seeing our dancers reach heights and attain goals they have worked so hard to achieve. 
“Move To Excellence”