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Tuesday June 11- 2nd hHalf Rehearsal


Monday June 10 - 1st Half Rehearsal

General Note: All Dancers must be on time and in full costume or they will not be permitted to dance. 

Hippity Hop- Shoes must be ALL black. No whites visible please

Hip Hop 2- Maria please take your colored laces out of your shoes and replace them with white laces.

Petite Hip Hop- Hair changed to right side part, straight low pony

Tap General Note- Please remove all tape from tap shoes

Tap 1/2- Hair changed to right side part, straight low pony

 Tap 3/4 - Hair is Right Side part, low pony. No hair pulled straight back please.

 Tap 7/8 - No black sports bras, black bodysuits please.

Tiny Tot 4- Assistants please wear black socks.

Tiny Tot 3 (Daytime Program)- Hair is a LOW bun please

 Petite Jazz- Hair Changed to high straight back pony.


Saturday June 9 Ballet Rehearsal Notes

Roses - steam costumes/pin hairpieces/no earrings

Feather Dusters - make a few stitches from skirt to crinolin in black thread 

Mini Belles - no undergarments under tights - no bangs - crown right in front of buns

Friday June 8 Jazz Rehearsal Notes

General Note - If you have a quick change you need a size Large Ziplock bag

Honey - Tiny Tot 4yrs (Sat) - Pink Tights, Please curl pony, Tuck in laces

Pin Emmett vest to shirt, hem pants

Clean Ballet shoes 

Shake & Mix - Tiny Tot 3 (Wednesdays) - low donut bun, bobby pin hat (white pins)

 Steam Tutus tie scarf on right side in knot

Fix Back of Malakye Costume hem pants

Jazz 1 - James hem pants and steam or Iron

Flowers on Right

No earrings - Emma L and Viva - missing flowers

Emma needs Caramel tights

no undergarment with tights

Inter Jazz - Pin belts - no hats over eyes

Teen Jazz - Clean shoes - Mitchell - large black socks

Jazz 2 - Caramel tights, Oraibi braid hair

Jazz 3 - Sew material down on left hip to a bunch

black tights

Junior Jazz - Barettes above the Bun and pin to hair

Clean Jazz Shoes



Thursday June 7 Tap Rehearsal Notes

Primary Tap - Hair in bun under hat / Steam costumes / Tyson alter pants

Tap 1&2 - Clear straps on hats / Sew suspenders to shirt / Daniel black tie and pin cummerbund to pants, and vest to shirt

Tiny Tot 4 - Paint Faces to match outfits - Paxton please have white and black stripes / Avery please have grey nose and pink rosy cheeks, need ears / Olivia please have Pink nose and black whiskers / All pin ears to hair

Tiny Tot 5 - Hat Bow on the right side of the hat / Colton please wear white underwear, and Girls no underwear under tights / Slick back bun on middle of the back of the head, no bangs

Tap 3&4 - Boys black socks 

Open Tap - Black tights / Hair is right side parts straight low pony

Tap 7&8 - Black tights / Pin Vest to black bras


Wednesday June 6 Hip Hop Rehearsal Notes

 Hippity Hop - Roll the rims on the hats and pin them with black bobby pins/ Black Socks or tights/ no earrings or fake tattoos/ Paxton Hem pants/ Payton, Paisley and Kaydin please get black shoes.

Hip Hop 1 - Cut off tags on jackets/ no underwear for girls just caramel tights/ Zipper half way up/ High Pony - no bangs/ Natalie and Never and Tristabelle need white shoes, no sparkles with tuck in laces 

Hip Hop 2 - All have white ankle socks/ Steam sleeves on jackets/ Oraibi missing hat/ Pin hats with white bobby pins/ hair in straight low pony/ Mia, Maria and Megan need white shoes/ Oraibi and Emily need lace up white shoes - no velcro

Petite Hip Hop - Zipper to top of jackets/ tuck shoe laces/ Pin bandanas 

Hip Hop 3 - Black socks or black tights/ Shaelyn and Erin need black shoes/ Chloe make eyeholes in shoes black

Boys Only - Black socks/ Black Belts/ Tuck laces on your shoes

Junior Hip Hop - Pin Hats/ No underwear - wear caramel tights and pin back of waist band of costume to tights/ black socks/ Melissa and Elijah need black high tops

Intermediate Hip Hop - Clean the white of your shoes/ Taylor needs black bra/ Bras to have straight backs with smaller straps are ok but no this criss-cross or no thick part up the middle


Tuesday June 5 Lyrical/Contemp Rehearsal Notes

General Notes - Please have hair accessories Brush/bobby pins hairspray in dance bags

Teen Lyrical - No criss cost Bra straps - match color of costume either clear or black

Lyrical Modern A - Hair pieces on top of one braided bun/clear bra straps/make sure costume straps are tight


Saturday June 2 Ballet Rehearsal Notes 

General Notes - Please clean shoes/clean tights/ Iron/press or steam ALL Costumes

Piper wig groomed/black pants/fix boots

Alex M - Skirt

Taylor C - Blouse & Skirt

CJ - Glasses/sew buttons/velcro pant legs and zipper part/Pink Dress

Daniel - no white undershirt - use bow tie

Wolves - Black Tights

Gaston - Knot - then Bow for boys/Kiersten sew down vest/boys fix back belts

Owen - Crown 

Alex M/Josey - Velcro down front  fork/spoon

Hanna - Hair brais half up/down - yellow dress - fix sleeve/yellow hair piece/chocker

Tiny Tot 3 (mini Belles) Pin or glue down tops of yellow dresses/donut bun with crown sitting in front of bun

Rose Petals - Roses on Right Side of Bun 


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